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Just give us Derek. You don’t want him anyway. Haven’t you noticed what a downer he is? No sense of humour, poor conversationalist.

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Derek Hale

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Kawaii! These little kitties aren’t just unbelievably cute, they’re also edible. They’re made by a Japanese mom named Caroline for Neko no Hi or Cat Day, which takes place each year on February 22nd.

Cat-shaped treats seem like a wonderful way to celebrate how much you like your feline friends. These treats are cat-shaped nerikiri, which is “a traditional Japanese sweet made by mixing shiro-an (sweetened white bean paste) with gyuhi (made of glutinous rice, similar to mochi but softer).” Caroline sculpts her nerikiri cats and kittens into various sizes and poses and then uses edible dyes to add distinguishing markings and fine details. She even makes little accessories for them, like tea sets and pillows for extra-comfy lounging.

Based on the effort that goes into making these sweets, it seems likely that Caroline’s family probably has at least one real life cat of their own and we’re guessing it leads a wonderfully spoiled life.

Visit RocketNews24 for additional photos.

kitties to start your day better! :3


KITTIES _(:3 」∠)_


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So many things to ponder in bear life.

The have so much to bear

Time to ponder the bizarre situations that arise while I sleep

I fucking love bears

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Holland Roden @ the 5th Annual Elle Women in Music Celebration

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Happy Easter !

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